TwinCAT Vision

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Beckhoff Automation ApS

A winning edge with TwinCAT Vision
Competitive advantage: Incorporating image processing into the overall control system can improve machine efficiency. Machine vision capabilities enhance superior real-time applications.
Industrie 4.0 made easy: Integrating PLC, motion control, measurement technology and machine vision functionality with IoT and analytics on a single control platform makes Industrie 4.0 applications much easier to implement.
Increased production efficiency: High-precision measurement and precise optical inspection ensure compliance with process parameters.
Quality assurance: Applications such as track-and-trace support complete traceability of product quality.
Openness: TwinCAT Vision follows the Beckhoff philosophy of open control technology.
Hardware-neutral: TwinCAT Vision works with both line scan and area scan cameras with GigE Vision interface.
Software extensions: Allow users to access raw camera data and incorporate their own image processing algorithms easily.
Cloud connectivity: TwinCAT Vision is integrated into the TwinCAT control platform. It can connect directly to TwinCAT IoT and TwinCAT Analytics. This ensures easy communication with the cloud, enables access to cloud-based services and streamlines Industrie 4.0 applications.
Real-time applications: Integrating the PLC, motion control, robotics, high-end measurement technology and machine vision capabilities on a single platform enables superior real-time application performance and significant gains in machine efficiency. It also prevents unnecessary delays in motion and robotics.

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EOT 2023

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Beckhoff Automation ApS

Beckhoff Automation udvikler åbne automatiseringssystemer på grundlag af PC-baseret styringsteknik.

Produktsortimentet omfatter hovedområderne
- industri-PC
- I/O- og fieldbus-komponenter,
- drevteknologi
- automatisering uden styretavle
- hardware til industriel billedbehandling.
- robotteknologi

Vi tilbyder produktlinjer til alle områder, som både kan fungere som enkeltkomponenter, men som også i kombination med hinanden danner et fuldstændigt indbyrdes afstemt styringssystem. Vores New Automation Technology står for universelle og

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